Home delivery

The most important information because we only serve pizzas with home delivery! :)

Average delivery time is 40-60 minutes, it could be much shorter in closer addresses, but sometimes in hugh traffic or we received a lots of order in the same time this cause a bit delay but we let you know!

Please notice that at Újpest to North from the Fóti út the delivery usually minimum 50-70 minutes!

Opening hours: , we accept orders only in this interval but you can set your order on the site non stop but you need to write a notice when you wanna get your order.

Delivery zone:

Budapesti pizza házhozszállítás, pizzafutárral

Actually we deliver for free in: XIII. and IV. deistricts (Angyalföld, Vizafogó, Újlipótváros, Istvántelek, Újpest, Megyer) except Káposztásmegyer and to North from Szilas Creek, where the minimum order for free delivery is 2000 Ft and under 3000 Ft the delivery fee is 150Ft . The next places are also free from the minimum 1499Ft order limit:  XIV. Tatai út, V. Szent István körút, stb...

We can deliver a part of the III., V., VI., VII., XIV and the XV. district.

We deliver the closer neighbor districts also but you can set your order only by phone.

If we have enough capacity we deliver those places also.

Our Customer Support try to accept your order but it depends on our actual capacity and the place where you stayed!

The neighbor districts delivery fees:

order value under 5000 Ft - 300Ft,  5000-10000 Ft 150Ft and over 10000 Ft is free. Any of our promotions or discounts cannot include in this zones!

Minimum order amount is 1399Ft.

If you need more information Contact Us